The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), School of Medicine approached Impact Marketing to help develop an online, interactive patient self-management module series to improve health outcomes among gay and bisexual youth of color.

Impact developed all design collateral and full brand identity from naming the platform to avatar designs, interactive web designs, photo research and selection, gamification elements, completion certificates, editorial services, and more. The platform is called Bijou, meaning “jewel” in French, and embodying the idea that everyone’s life and health is precious and valuable. Bijou was successfully piloted nationally and internationally, remains an active offering at UNC, was replicated by the University of South Florida, and was jointly presented by Impact-UNC staff at a national health conference.

About UNC School of Medicine

UNC School of Medicine is an internationally recognized leader in research, training, and clinical care, as well as an early adopter of social and digital technologies to better reach, engage, and communicate with youth.

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