Kelsey Hicks
Communications Specialist

Kelsey is a public health professional that has 5 years of extensive experience with team program development to help underprivileged and underserved populations in rural communities such as people/persons with a substance/alcohol use disorder, children and families in the foster care system, veterans, people experiencing homelessness, LGBTQIA+ youth and adults, low-income individuals and families, people with HIV, and Latinx and African American populations. As a former social worker, Kelsey worked in Ryan White recipient facilities and a behavioral health clinic. Kelsey began working in marketing while in the clinic setting and eventually transitioned into marketing and communications full time. As a communications associate for Impact Marketing + Communications, Kelsey provides assistance with technical writing of guides and manuals for HIV providers and CBOs; production management; and developing promotional materials including listservs, blogs, and social media editorial calendars, as well as technical assistance products such as tip sheets and videos. She also coordinates schedules, provides production management support, and provides editorial service support.

Kelsey has a B.S.W from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.


Branding is all about creating relationships. This means audiences need to know who you are, what you do, where to find you, how you’re different, and why they should choose you.

It includes a system: mission statement, brand promise, identity (name, logo, tagline, typeface) visual system, values, presence, and personality. An effective brand should stand out in a crowded marketplace, build equity, and always deliver on its brand promise.

Impact supports every aspect of branding, from exploration, branding retreats, audits of brand assets, brand strategy and positioning, brand development, mood boarding, brand personas, branded collateral, training of brand ambassadors, and brand management. Impact also supports brand personality and brand experience exploration—two of the most frequently overlooked but critical aspects of branding that ensures who organizations say they are aligns with who and how audiences experience them to be.


Advancing Leadership in Public Health Social Work

Advancing Leadership in Public Health Social Work